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Active Desktop Calendar

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Peter | 29-04-2012, 09,19
The program is excellent, the only thing that confused – she was trying to pass some data to the Internet

Yulia |. 19-02-2008, 12,25
Thank you, did everything as you suggest, in no uninstall program did not find the folder, set a program again, uninstall appeared, pushed, removed. ZY Uninstaller use, but they do not see the program. Thank you very much for your reply

Admin! | 18-02-2008, 18,27
Look for the Program Files folder of the program and it something like uninstall.exe – run. Or install the program again, but properly – there should be links to uninstall, and then remove the standard way. And for the future, you can use special uninstaller

Yulia. | 18-02-2008, 15,03
How to remove this program from your computer, please tell me. In the Add-Remove Programs Active Desktop Calendar is not from drive C is not removed, how to get rid of it? It would be nice to get an answer, not a question But why remove it? She does not need me anymore. Thank you.

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