System Monitor II 29

System Monitor II 29.1

System Monitor II – is a system widget for Windows 7, which shows a short overview of the system, bringing all the information on your desktop

<. p> data from the System Monitor II will be available only from the Windows desktop as a widget, not a normal program.

Features System Monitor II

System Monitor II displays information about the use of memory in the system, its total volume is available for use, the amount of free and used memory. In addition, the utility displays the processor brand and speed, total download and upload each individual core or thread

It is possible to customize the interface of the widget -. Change the color of the background, the amount of information in the charts, and in the presence of two or more processors, you can choose a configuration of which you want to view. Switch between them, you can use the mouse wheel.

Preferences in System Monitor II quite a lot and have vozmodno customize them to your liking.

System Monitor II only runs on Windows operating systems, supporting them both in the architecture 32, and 64 bits.

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