AOMEI Partition Assistant for Windows

AOMEI Partition Assistant for Windows

Partition Assistant – a powerful application for complete control of hard disk partitions on a computer. Here you use the functions of creation, activation, merger, division, format, resize, erase, hide, alignment, copying partitions, and also change their labels. You can also test disks for bad sectors and receive general information about the partitions.

Conveniently, vprogramme for basic operations are provided with a step by step wizard prompts. For example, there is a master copy discs, master extended partition, the master OS transfer to the HDD or SSD, master converting FAT / FAT32 to NTFS, and others. This will help you understand the functionality of the program even if not previously experienced similar tools

It is important that all operations with disks and partitions are without data loss -. Do not fear for the loss of some relevant information. In general, Partition Assistant qualitatively very thoughtful application in all senses – from the interface to the functionality, allowing you to easily and reliably manage hard disks

HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool -. A small utility to format and create a bootable USB- disk

Acronis disk Director -. set of powerful tools to manage disks and partitions. Includes

Victoria -. Unofficial version of popular program Victoria 4.68b, which is testing equipment directly through the ports at the lowest level

Reviews AOMEI Partition Assistant program

<. p> A good free program. He suffered OS on SSD and everything works fine. I do not remember that led in English, but with an average knowledge of the language is clear.
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Chrono in response to Alex about AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Edition 8.8 [18-05-2020]

I remember many years ago used this version AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional Edition 5.6, it was necessary without any loss of data merge bit GB on a single disc of section D to the C drive to increase the memory disk C – not format and without losing any data on the disk D, the program about which I write and even version
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Chrono in response to Alex about AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Edition 8.8 [18-05-2020]

PRO – help in this, but I’m going to 100% write that testing itself, the version helped me, it happens rarely that the new version worse than the old, and sometimes vice versa, there can be judged only tested it by software and analyze it became better or not, on the criteria – more if the error was, cope if the software that you want from it, is there any bugs (crashes or close the application after a while), logs or slowly began to work, etc. I know that there are programs with new versions where it became worse, using some software old – since checked helps even says Victor, if we take the MS-DOS version and launched for the treatment of old drives, it is why it is better than the new version, he did not test this theory, I wrote experts forums, CCleaner Pro – eg in older versions v4 – it removes more debris than the latest version, so I do not know why, although the base of the polyene above, where what the fix, where it trims where the contrary complementary functionality – without cutting down the old functionality (search the database for example formats which the files or extensions), in Autslogic Disk Defragmenter difference is not present in the o & o defrag – version Technical old version – do not remember what, better and faster defragment the disk than the new, and the new general slow HDD Ata Ide drive with 500GB capacity – that’s for sure say it’s just life examples, indeed so much more there, so where is the best and somewhere worse.
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All the main expectations from this program in the paid version, and the fact that in the light version (which here offer), and you can force Windows to do. Sadness.
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The program does not transfer with the axis of the screw on the screw. Useless. Clone disk is not loaded. He writes that there is a boot out there.
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darkclown in response Yegor about AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Edition 8.10 / 8.8 [31-10-2020]

What is the attack bots-haters? ) Program works as it should, the separation of the disk D in half passed without loss, so either you vrotifso or the missing do you mind not to narukozhopit
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