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Notion performs advanced editor with lots of extra options and features. In it there are comfortable tables, individual panels to add the to-do list and notes, built-in knowledge base. All this is implemented in a single workspace with a comfortable navigation bar and structuring system.


The utility is very popular among managers and designers, thanks to the opportunities for writing and storing text documents, different codes and notes. The program features unlimited freedom of action, thanks to the extensive range of functions,

  • to create your own store with a collection of recordings of ideas, thoughts, and links to useful articles, videos and other information, which can be viewed at any time later,
  • the presence of a list of the goals, which are allowed to indicate any problems in the form of a list, and periodically check with them,
  • the collection of useful information about the various sites and attractions, will be useful for travel planning,
  • < li> the presence of a powerful module, responsible for fine-grained control of finance, tracking incoming payments and expenses,

  • editorial calendar with support for instant publication will be useful for users, leading your blog,
  • training log with notes about classes and fixing progress.

All of the knowledge base and making changes in their own workspace are stored in the cloud storage. All data is synchronized between the device supports. That allows access to the necessary information at any time if there is internet connection.


The program is popular among users due to its flexible Notes system and the possibility of restoring order in their own records and personal affairs. Using it is permitted to put all thoughts in my head on the shelves and nothing is overlooked. The utility has a number of advantages that distinguish it from similar applications,

  • versatility, allowing you to just one program to replace a lot of other services,
  • support for collaboration is allowed to publish documents in open access and provide references to them his friends to introduce or to make additional notes,
  • user-friendly interface, without the overloaded control panels and extra elements,
  • to access from any supported device.

Notion will be a real discovery for users who are accustomed to solve tasks, examining them in detail and taking into account all the nuances. Using the program will avoid the institutional constraints and unforeseen obstacles.

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