FastStone Image Viewer

FastStone Image Viewer

What it is,

FastStone Image Viewer – is a free program for opening and processing of rare and popular graphics file formats . . Is a free download from the official site

Operating System,

Windows (any)

. Language,

English. Supports 19 languages ​​


Free for home use. . Kommecheskogo charge for use


6,64 Mb

Download Source,

official website FastStone Image Viewer

Opportunities basic functions

Supported formats

operating system Compatibility

user Guide (manual)

Chapter 1, interface

  1. The hierarchy of the file system. That is what the folder with the pictures you have.
  2. the preview of the selected photo. This is the picture that you have selected.
  3. All (right) the contents of the selected folder.
  4. Toolbar. Choose the right and get the selected effect on your image.
  5. Chapter 2, Image viewer

    Any graphic object that is stored in an open folder, followed by the original sketch size, volume, format and name for quick, basic information about the file without opening it, or search for more properties and information.

    click on the picture and read the information in the preview area to obtain detailed data.

    click the button in the upper right corner or double-click on the object you want to full-screen mode. Directly in full screen mode, move the cursor to the edges of the screen to access the toolbars.

    Chapter 3. Manipulation of photos

    Instruments many consider key. Before you start, go to windowed mode, it will greatly simplify the process.

    The items on this list will be duplicated on the top menu, where they are organized in separate groups.

    From this panel will be made the main action. For example, opening the item Change, you will have access to the means of scaling, rotation, and cropping.

    If one of your photos turned red-eye effect that can be removed or reduced. Adjust mouse wheel desired scale, select the area with the eyes and click Remove redness».

    for color correction operations and lighting can be done independently or perform in an automatic mode.

    Here’s an example . Move proposed sliders and select the appropriate result. Changes applied in real-time.

    You can use frames and stencils, apply watermarks or apply effects Oil Painting, sketch or blur.

    For example, take item oil Painting. For aliasing set up the scale, select the area (or the whole object) and adjust the intensity level of blending.

    More interesting tools is stored in the Create. You can run a slideshow, create multi-image files and tape to form the index lists, etc.

    1. Add files (individually or folder).
    2. < li> Adjust the settings, background color, spacing, automatic scroll, the compression ratio, the quality of the final result (the volume of the output file will depend on it)

    3. Specify the name of the slide show, add a description (optional)
    4. Click Start and select the location to save.
    5. Chapter 4, Settings

      When you first open the application interface looks like a standard Windows program. Default available switching between dark and light themes of design.

      To get access to all settings, press F12. Set up all of the items immediately before the

      Tool screen capture -. It is a snapshot of what is happening on the screen. To access it, click on the icon indicated in the image below.

      To capture a region click on it. When you capture any area on your own, scroll to the fragment.

      How to install

      Here you can download FastStone Image Viewer in English for free. This is the latest version 6.5 (2018). The license for free home use. Files checked No viruses.

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