15 Adaptive jQuery plugin Lightbox

15 Adaptive jQuery plugin Lightbox

A lot of time to review the various galleries of images, gathered an extensive collection of spectacular slide show and lightbox plugin. It has in the bank and Lighbox exclusively on CSS3, without additional js-libraries. But time does not stand still, users are increasingly being used to surf the Internet a variety of mobile devices, and hence adaptability of web elements and in particular the photo-galleries with the effect lightbox becomes one of the priorities on which the web designers and developers should pay attention .

presents another adaptive selection of 15 jQuery Lightbox plugins that are friendly as with desktop browsers, and excellent fit in various screens of mobile devices (laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc.).

See a demo on development sites, download the desired plug-in and create, create, create …

1. iLightbox

iLighbox – is a lightweight jQuery Lightbox plugin that supports a wide range of different file types, image, video, Flash / SWF, Ajax content, frames and built-in maps. This plugin adds a button social network that allows users to share content through Facebook, Twitter and Reddit. Excellent opportunity to organize spectacular slideshows, image galleries and video clips, viewing in a normal and full screen modes.

iLighbox works quite quickly and when viewed on mobile devices more than correctly displays the processed content. In addition, using this plugin, you can easily implement the output information block of type modal window

  • Dependency ,. JQuery
  • browser support , IE7 +, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera
  • license , A hell it knows)))

2. SwipeBox

Swipebox – This JQuery plugin with support for touch screens of mobile platforms. Besides images plugin supports embedded videos from Youtube and Vimeo. Swipebox is easy to fasten to any project, the plugin has some intuitive options to customize its functionality and behavior. The site developer with extensive documentation on the connection and use of the plugin, without the excess water still only in the case, so to understand what, where, and why, I think will not be difficult.

  • dependence , jQuery
  • browser support , IE9 +, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, IOS4 +, Android and Windows Phone
  • license , not defined, may you’re lucky)))

3. MagnificPopup

It has long been known and well-proven plug-in lightbox with jQuery or Zepto.js. plugin author – Dmitry Semenov, is the developer of the plug-and PhotoSwipe, which will talk about below. Supplied as a jQuery / Zepto plugin has more opportunities not present in PhotoSwipe, such as support for video display card and Ajax content, the implementation of modal windows with built-in forms. By all criteria, it is another great tool in the cage web developer. Separately, there is a plugin for WordPress and detailed documentation on setting up, and use. Depressing only the lack of documentation in English, according to the name and surname of the author seems to be English, never realized because of the harm it, or because of comprehension of the imaginary tricked, but blah. Anyway, to whom it is necessary to sort out, we do not boiled tea welded)))

  • Dependency ,. JQuery 1.9.1+, or Zepto. js
  • browser support , IE7 (partially), IE8 +, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera
  • license , MIT license

4. PhotoSwipe

Another Javascript-image gallery of Dmitry Semenov, unlike MagnificPopup without whatever bells and whistles, but at the same time, all the most necessary functionality available. Organization galleries irrespective of jQuery libraries, viewing in the normal and full modes, increasing with animation images, and captions to images controls adaptive layout, control support touchscreen gestures, for simple and easy-photo picture of all this is quite sufficient. All necessary documentation is available

  • Dependency ,. No
  • Browser support , IE8 +, Chrome, firefox, Safari, Opera and a couple more mobile browsers
  • license , MIT license

5. Nivo Lightbox

Good old Nivo developers Dev7studios studio, which has long and consistently delight us with their work. Nivo Lightbox plugin as a standalone jQuery plugin is available for free, but for a special plugin for WordPress will have to fork out from $ 39.00 to $ 149.00 depending on the type of license. Although, I will tell you a secret if a good search on the internet, you can dig and Freestuff option, of course, if you allow your principles.
The free version of the plugin is packed with all the necessary features, flexible configuration, several appearance options, different effects of transitions and navigation. Support Iframe, SWF, video from Youtube and Vimeo. Runs plug very quickly, with virtually no delays, displayed content fits well with screen sizes of mobile devices

  • Dependency ,. JQuery
  • < strong> browser support , IE9 +, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and of course Opera
  • license , MIT license

< h3> 6. Lightbox for Bootstrap

Surprisingly, in such popular frameworks like Bootstrap, Lightbox itself is not submitted, the eponymous plugin was created to fix situevina. Of course, there are dynamic Bootstrap modal windows, that’s it for them and builds work Lightbox plugin. If you are using a tightly Bootstrap, I recommend using this library. The plugin integrates well with the basic Bootstrap code. As a result, you get a full gallery of images and the ability to view videos from YouTube in a modal window

  • Dependency ,. JQuery and Bootstrap Modal
  • browser support , IE9 +, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and of course Opera
  • license , GNU license

7. ImageLightbox

This plugin Lightbox also without any bells and whistles. Designed specifically for image, hence the name, and therefore, no video, no other types of content are not supported, all just to work with pictures. Gallery with this plugin turns dynamic and easily customizable, extra HTML markup is required, only one tag with imagelightbox identifier. The plugin works very simply and quickly, it is possible to add captions, navigation controls and a close button, the default is closed lightbox by clicking outside the image. I am sure, this plugin many will like

  • Dependency ,. JQuery
  • Browser support , IE9 + , Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera
  • license , On the court there is no

8. MiniLightbox

plugin name speaks for itself. All of the very minimum, jQuery library is not needed, there is no need for an additional markup tag processing with a given class of miniature, or the use of the attribute data-image-opened, which indicates the path to the full-size image. Neither vidio or frames and other types of content in addition to the images are not supported. If you are not concerned about support for older browsers, and you do not need to combine, to display different kinds of content, this baby weighing 2 KB to cope with the task, to show your photos or just pictures.

  • Dependency , No
  • browser support , IE10 +, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera
  • license , MIT license

9. LightCase

Lightcase is another great plug-in lightbox. It comes with several embodiments of the animation, which makes the user experience more vivid and saturated, fade-in and zoom, scrolling left, right, bottom, and top. In addition, the plug-in supports multiple content types, including embedded video from Youtube, HTML, SWF, HTML5 video and entry forms, iframe, and Google Maps. The ability to use the controls (navigation) and captions to images. Overall Mighty reporting mechanism virtually any content

  • Dependency ,. JQuery and CSS3
  • Browser support , IE9 +, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera
  • license , GPL license

10. Yalb

Another lightbox in two versions. Version Yalb (Vanilla) is based on a pure Javascript, simply use js-functions that are only available in modern browsers. All animation is done using CSS-animation and transitions (transition). If you would like JQuery-version, there is also such a note on jQuery.yalb

  • Dependency , Javascript or jQuery
  • browser support , IE9 +, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera
  • license , MIT license

< h3> 11. FeatherLight

6 k.bitny lightbox-plugin, for more or less savvy developers, fused with all the most necessary functions. In addition to supporting all popular content types (text, image, iframe, Ajax), there is the possibility to connect an additional expansion of the gallery images, and you can develop your own extension for this plug-in, which will fully meet your needs when creating a new project. How all this economy (expansion Development) is working, especially not penetrated, but those whom this plugin will insert the I think will understand)))

  • Dependency ,. JQuery
  • browser support , IE8 +, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera
  • license , MIT license

12. LightGallery

LightGallery – multifunctional Lightbox plugin with many additional features. It comes with more than 20 options to customize the smallest detail Lightbox. It has everything, well, almost everything)). Full gallery of images with neatly aligned thumbnail with elements of navigation and scrolling thumbnails. Simple html-markup as an unordered list

    using data-src attribute for full-size images. Same thing with the video from Youtube and Vimeo. Remarkably it supports all formats of HTML5 video, MP4, WebM, Ogg … Animated thumbnails, adaptive layout with support for mobile devices, slide effects and smooth transitions when changing the appearance of images, and other content. Appearance is easily configured and customizable using CSS. Pre-loading of images and code optimization. Navigating with the keyboard for the desktop, as well as the ability to use additional font icons. LightGallery – this is where the real processor, the main thing is not to get lost in the abundance of settings and extensive capabilities of this plug-in.
    Those who want a decent slider, I recommend to pay attention to lightSlider from the same developer

  • Dependency ,. jQuery
  • browser support , IE7 +, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, iOS, Android and Windows Phone
  • license , MIT license

13. StripJS

The unusual, I would say, an unusual implementation lightbox, or rather, not quite the usual presentation of the contents when the image or video, the design of the lightbox, appear to the right, filling is not the entire screen, but only on a given the size of a full-size picture or video. On the big screen, this approach is understandable, it remains the opportunity to interact with the page. On the small screens of mobile devices, all of this innovative design, smoothly into the classic lightbox. The idea is interesting, look at the demo, can one and insert a creative

  • Dependency ,. JQuery
  • Browser support , IE7 +, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, iOS 5+ and Android 3 +
  • license , Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 3.0 license
  • < / ul>

    14. LightLayer

    The simple-to-use plug-in lightbox, that goes well with any project and also looks good on any screen. The plugin is presented LightLayer control over a variety of settings, such as changing the background color and degree of transparency, the position of the base unit, the selection of transition effects when opening / closing function that users can be manipulated independently. The plugin works great with the content of external web sites, embedded video players and cards

    • Dependency ,. JQuery
    • browser support , IE9 +, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera
    • license , MIT license

    15 . FluidBox

    Fluidbox – lightbox plugin for images only. The number of possible variations of image presentation is truly impressive. The plugin works great with images in different designs, including the floating image, an image with absolute positioning, pictures and framed pictures framed, and having padding, with single images, and combined into a gallery. In general, that in vain the water shed, paint all the plugin capabilities in a short presentation still does not work, so you better watch the demo, roll out of it and I think this plugin will appeal to many.

    • Dependency , jQuery
    • browser support , IE9 +, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera
    • license , MIT license

    At this perhaps all! Hopefully this short overview will help you understand the proposed heap web development products. I note that not all of the represented in the compilation of the plugins I used to work projects, most of them probed at test sites or lakolke, so if you have any questions, most likely we will solve them together, and together, as always all we can do it.

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    I will be all grateful if support project -. Adding the blog to exclude AdBlock and share the link to the entry in his Sots networks,

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