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Try to create an ad unit or impose a sufficiently complex and rich in design print edition in the program PagePlus X5 – and you will surely agree that the publishing product is undoubtedly the best in its class. Brochures, books, magazines, brochures – PagePlus X5 quickly and easily cope with any task

Key features,.
– More than 1,000 professionally designed templates for different types of documents
– Powerful word processing and formatting text on a professional level
– Compatible with all common graphic and text file formats
– Read, edit and export PDF- files for printing reproduction or for publication on the Internet
– Built-in photo editor with digital studio PhotoLab
– Create and edit spreadsheets and calendars, including database import and use formulas
– module logo Studio to design logos
– Professional typography and font support in OpenType format
– Special tools for creating a large volume of documents
– Online tips, video materials and printed manuals

Platform, Windows
System Requirements,
Intel Pentium, 512 MB RAM, 660 MB free hard disk space
Language, English, English
Distributions for the English and English languages ​​- different

Serif develops and delivers software,. PhotoPlus, PagePlus, DrawPlus, WebPlus, MoviePlus, PanoramaPlus and other powerful, but at the same time easy to use Serif software products enable companies, educational institutions and ordinary users to achieve professional quality regardless their level of training.
In 2011, the company WinSoft been localized into English two product Serif, PagePlus X5 and WebPlus X5.
In December 2011 came the English version of PagePlus X6. Localization into English is not planned

But this option -. For a very very economical, because in free-versions of many possible versions of X5 absent.

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