Data Matrix

Data Matrix

DataMatrix – dimensional matrix barcode representing a black-and-white elements or elements of several different brightness degrees, typically in the form of a square, placed in a rectangular or square group. Matrix barcode designed to encode text or other data types. Most often in industry and commerce are applied bitmaps encoding from a few bytes to 2 Kbytes of data. If desired, it can be printed matrix capacity of hundreds of kilobytes, and then read them with sufficient accuracy using cameras, whose matrices contain millions of pixels. The prototype bar code in the form of matrices are punched


DataMatrix [citation needed. | edit code]

One of the bitmap versions, «Data Matrix» was developed by RVSI / Acuity CiMatrix (now part of Omron Corporation). The code is used for marking in the electronics, automotive, food processing, aerospace and defense industry, power engineering. [1]

Also, these codes are used in the advertising and entertainment areas. With DataMatrix can encode both text and other types of data – web links, email addresses, telephone numbers and SMS

Technical Specification [edit |. edit code]

Symbols DataMatrix formed of modules disposed within a search template. They can encode up to 3116 ASCII character codes (including redundant information). Symbol consists of data fields that contain the modules in a periodic array. Each region is limited data search and pattern is surrounded on all four sides of the free zone boundaries (note, the modules can be round or square, concrete form is not fixed standard)

Data Matrix ECC 200 [edit |. edit code]

ECC 200 – is the latest version DataMatrix, using Reed-Solomon codes for error prevention and recovery information erased. ECC 200 makes it possible to restore the entire sequence of the encoded information when the symbol contains 30% of damage, assuming that the matrix is ​​still exactly right. DataMatrix has an error rate less than 1 in 10 million scanned characters.

The symbols have an even number of rows and an even number of columns. Most characters – square sizes from 10×10 to 144×144 modules. However, some of the characters – rectangular and range in size from 8×18 to 16×48 modules (even values ​​only). All characters that support the correction ECC 200 errors can be identified by the upper right corner module having a single color with the background.

  • the reverse order of reading characters (bright image on a dark background)
  • specification character set
  • rectangular symbols
  • structural attachment (compound 16 characters to encode more information) [2]

Data Matrix Form [edit | edit code]

The main difference from the other Data Matrix matrix barcode is the ability to select a code format images, which may be square or rectangular

Standards [edit. | edit code]

To date, DataMatrix described by ISO, ISO / IEC16022-International Symbology Specification, Data Matrix standard, and is in the public domain for many fields of use, which means that the format can be used freely and without royalty-or

  • ISO / IEC 15418, 1999 – Symbol Data Format Semantics
  • ISO / IEC 15434,. 1999 – Symbol Data Format Syntax
  • ISO / IEC 15415 – 2-D Print Quality Standard

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