ZWSOFT – Spatial Manager

ZWSOFT – Spatial Manager

ZWSOFT – Spatial Manager

ZWSOFT – Spatial Manager is a convenient and modern service for spatial data import between the ZWCAD and other external resources, in order to increase information about the objects.

Import information is performed in packet format, and the imposition on the subject automatically.

When you import data to reference the polygons and blocks, made a full labeling of objects

In the internal functionality of ZWSOFT -. Spatial Manager integrated modern tools to speed up the import data

Basic functions of the program . / h2>

    The ability to load and unload in ZWCAD from Google maps, OpenStreetMap, geolocation, MS Office spreadsheet editors, ESRI ArcInfo®, MapInfo, GML or GZ, PostGIS, SQL Server, SQLite and others,

The ability to save the task to reproduce the import process as many times as you need,

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