ZenMate VPN for Yandex Browser

ZenMate VPN for Yandex Browser

ZenMate – the VPN multi-client designed for encrypting web traffic, protect sensitive information and provide access to blocked content in some regions by using a proxy server. Navigate your site without leaving a trace and without worrying about theft of usernames and passwords has never been so easy – ZenMate download free stands for those who have lost touch with the freedom of choice

Functionality ZenMate VPN for Yandex Browser.

  • Privacy & security. Each transmitted after activation plug-traffic is encrypted and goes through a bunch of proxy servers, which are selected at random. Keep track of such a signal can not be protected.
  • A new location. In addition to changing the IP-address, ZenMate allows virtually change the current position on the map. This option is useful in situations where it is important to look at in your own region blocked resources, Social Networks , torrent trackers , FTP and Entertainment sites .
  • Smart Prices technology. Online shopping is nothing new. Sites with goods easy to meet almost every step. But the developers of expansion have taken care of the search for better prices (clues about the excessive cost will be immediately after the transition to the pages of the online store), and the protection of bank cards, passwords and other confidential information.

Advantages plugin

Other important features of the expansion ZenMate for Yandex Browser is attributed and high bandwidth servers with speeds up to 1 Gbit / s, and a serious collection of supported platforms, flexible work scenarios setting for each individual resource .

If it is important to stay with the European the IP-address on the social networks and with standard email clients, the problem with these experiments will not have – relevant parameters are waiting for enthusiasts and webmasters


The plugin ZenMate distributed for a fee – after registration, every user is assigned the status of test profile with limited functionality, reduced speed and small the number of servers for activation.

When you sign up you can access the flexible settings, special algorithms protect privacy and quality assurance from the manufacturer. The subscription price varies and depends on the region and even the platform, but an average of 499 rubles per month


Interact with the extension for ZenMate browser easily -. the developers propose to monitor every single parameter quick access toolbar, called from the top of the browser interface. It should click on the icon of a plug – and immediately displayed statistics of the current connection (which apply where being intermediate server virtual session), the button «On» or «Off» , a directory . settings

no additional transitions and actions – beginners, have never faced a VPN-clients will be satisfied, because to understand the nuances and subtleties do not have


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