Vector Full (Maud free shopping)

Vector Full (Maud free shopping)


The Vector Full players can try three game modes with more than 40 different levels. Players will be able to explore and investigate. Since Vector Full incorporated in sports of a plurality of movements, it has hundreds of different steps. Vector Full relief will be difficult, because it is not as flat as usual. The use dozens of different ways to clear a short distance. But in order to Shadow learned these movements, the player must practice and learn skills. Then the application will be easier and more professional. However, players will have to manage a team of 3 people. It is not easy, because the players need the skill to coordinate the work of three best men. Overcome the area and bring important clues on the new ship, completing the script.

The reason why players choose parkour, is that the object is called the pursuit Big Brother. In the case of the capture screen closes, and the player will lose. Whether parkour move easily and avoid it to find the most effective? The terrain for demonstrating parkour – is the roof. location of the facility described in different ways, requiring a diverse and flexible ways of movement on the ground, and as quickly as possible to escape. Items on the go can help players to feel better. Using the money to upgrade and improve your skills will increase the speed of movement, as well as methods to become more beautiful and professional. Be areas that can not be passed if the control is only one person. The combination of these two things will help the character to quickly get to the rescue ship and avoid the quest Big BrotherĀ».


Vector Full owns 2D- style, inherited the properties and characteristics of many Shadow Fight. Characters also borrowed ideas from the original Shadow Fight. Diverse, beautiful threads are added and topography. Very large playground, curiosity will drive the research needs of players. Relief is designed variously, suddenly changes, requires the player flexibility and maturity of management skills. effects and images Factors regulated smoothly, providing stability. Most of the best graphics Shadow Fight inherited from Vector Full. This helps NEKKI most of their interesting ideas, and helps players become familiar with the products.

Players will be able to hit parkour Vector Full. Your level of technique and will be reflected in the experience. It would be nice to try and compare with friends. Boasting attractive sports graphics and good graphics, Vector Sure surely one does not disappoint. However, the game is not free, players will have to pay a small fee for possession. But this is a good game that requires some effort, very worth it.

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