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obGrabber v4.2.3 eng – content grabber for Joomla

obGrabber v4.2.3 eng – is designed for automatic filling of the articles on your site on Joomla 2.5-3.x. The extension can collect any external data sources (RSS, XML, NewsML, Facebook, Youtube, Google Base, Ebay, Amazon, e-mail, blogs, Google Calendar), and stored in any Joomla! (K2, FLEXIcontent, DocMan, VirtueMart, redSHOP).

1. collecting information for your site
2. reformat the content for Joomla
3rd party extensions. where to place the content

obGrabber can for example gather information from Youtube and send it to the K2 or take goods from Ebay and save them in Virtuemart.

The component includes support for multiple engines with which you can extend the application of the extension.

content reformatting occurs with unique and intelligent processes. You are free to ask all the required fields to import

One of the most useful features of this extension is to support automatic event scheduling. Thus, you do not need to run every time a component for collecting the necessary information from the sites it will make for you an event planner

-. Quick setup and collection of information from other sites
– installation 1-click and management of all the required fields to import and store materials
– Easy integration into the system, the available configuration options and

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