Main features of Audacity audio editing

Key features audio editing Audacity

This software works on Mac operating systems, Linux and Windows. The developers are constantly adding new features and plug-ins for recording, editing and exporting audio tracks. Also, users will be able to integrate additional options. With this application you will have the ability to edit files ready to record new sounds, and podcasts to add effects. Download Audiositi on the computer can be free.

With the help of free programs Audositi you can handle most file formats. For import and export are available extensions, WAV, MP3, Vorbis, FLAC, AIFF, AU. Also you will have the opportunity to record the material on the CD-ROM, and via import MPEG Encoder and extract from it the sound.

If the required format is not supported, you can use a third-party library. For example, FFmpeg, which allows you to open files and write AC3, AAC, WMA, AVI, MKV and other formats.

Audacity 3.0 in English offers a variety of tools for recording audio. You will be able to connect to the built-in microphone, the use of devices that are connected via line inputs,. Recorders, records, CD players

Create up to 16 audio files at the same time and adjust the volume of recorded material. After the capture of the sound can be adjusted Audio,. Cut too much, apply effects and improve the sound

The program contains functions for processing and enhancing the sound track. You can cut the track, cut it into separate pieces, glue and mix multiple files with different quality characteristics. As editor contains options for leveling the volume, remove noise and spectral analysis. Download Audacity free on your PC and start editing!

Thanks to the editor, you can hide any defects and interference audio track. For example, to remove noise, hiss or crackle. The app allows you to change the pitch, playback speed, use a frequency filter. Also you will have the opportunity to add echo, change voice timbre, tuning characteristics apply and use the mixer. Audacity in English has open source, so you can integrate additional plug-ins and effects

Audositi -. Free software. All functionality is available without editor premium subscriptions. The application runs on multiple operating systems, Linux, macOS, UNIX-like operating systems, Windows and ReactOS. It is also a distinctive feature of the software is multilingual. You can download Audacity eng or download a version with a different language, English, German, Spanish, Chinese, French, etc.

Download Audacity

You can download Audacity for free on English. from the official website. The program will allow you to work with all major audio formats, to improve the sound quality, apply filters and record podcasts. The main disadvantage is the editor of a complex and outdated interface. Novice users will not be able to understand without the instructions on how to use Audacity program in English. If you want to process the material in a convenient software, use the editor AudioMASTER. It offers a simple menu in English, functions for creating and sound correction tools for editing audio tracks, as well as built-in sound effects.

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