awakened fury

Awakened Fury

Takeshi Kovacs came home, the planet Harlan, where the oceans are filled with monsters in the sky any object larger helicopter shot down orbitalniki extinct nonhuman civilization and the earth wanders out-of-control military equipment. Takeshi came here to seek revenge, but his plans quickly intervened ghosts of the past. Once in the maelstrom of political intrigue and mysterious events, Kovacs faced with consciousness resurrected from the dead Kuellkrist Falconer, legends, once nearly overthrew the power of the First Families of Harlan. Unwittingly becoming her protector, he comes under the scope of local authorities, corporations and the yakuza. But the most terrible thing is that the hunt for him led by a young version of Kovacs, ruthless and terrible, whose digitized copy of many centuries has lain in storage. And now Takeshi will have to come face to face with himself, to win.

Most of the books I just invented. In a couple of places where this was not possible, I am grateful for the help the following people.

Dave Clare has provided invaluable advice and knowledge of rock climbing, both on-page and in the mountains. Kem Nunn novel wonderful ride the wave and e-mails Jay Keyselberga allowed a glimpse into the world of surfing. And Bernard of Diving Fornells taught me to be safe in the water. If somewhere there is a mistake -. I’m to blame, not them

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In 2082 humanity make sure that it is not alone in universe. Countless reconnaissance probes alien glowing cobwebs shrouded the Earth. Burned in the atmosphere, they could send a signal beyond the solar system. To establish contact with an alien civilization sent the ship Theseus with a team of the best specialists in their field. But when the researchers get to the target, they will realize that the most incredible fantasies about alien intelligence pale in comparison with the reality, and at stake is the fate of the Earth and all of mankind.

The physicist John Grady and his team have made a real revolution in physics, developed a device that can control gravity, and thereby change human history forever development. But Grady recognition does not, instead it closes the lab a secret organization known as the Bureau of process control. Bureau mission – to maintain stability in society, restrain scientific progress and prevent the inevitable social and social upheavals that it can cause. Because the future is already here. Only it belongs only to the chosen.

When Grady refused to accede to BTK, he is thrown into a nightmarish high-tech prison, which contain other doomed geniuses rebels. Now Grady and other prisoners should join the battle with unimaginable enemy in possession is a technique for 50 years ahead of the present.

The Moon wants to kill you, and it has thousands of ways to succeed. Vacuum, radiation, suffocating dust, weakening bones … Moon – a new state, where there are no laws, but there are endless arrangement where the air and for the information you have to pay all the time, and all the rights of the five Dragons – five industrial clans. Between them for a long time divided into areas, each does his own thing, but the founders of clans age, their death is near, and among numerous heirs unleashes fierce struggle for new fields. Adrian Corte eighty. Her family controls the corporation Corta Elihu. The company survived the cruel corporate wars, but has gained a lot of enemies. And now that the hard-won peace begins to crumble, children Adriana must save the empire from the collapse of the mother … and even from themselves. So begins one of the most ambitious sci-fi novels of recent years, an epic saga of intrigue, betrayal and revenge in visible, violent, unexpected and stunningly realistic world of the future

No matter what happens, the reader, remember,. Killer – Glass Jack, even if the crime is not possible, even if all the evidence points to the other. And orbital aristocratic mansions and slums bubbles asteroid belt knows that nothing is impossible for a glass of Jack. It will not stop any custody order nor vacuum or absolute cold, neither the government nor omnipotent, genetically modified, corporate families or law governing every breath of every citizen.

And so it is not surprising that, when the solar system rocked the rumors about the technology allows you to move faster than the speed of light, they also appeared to be involved Glass Jack. How could the most dangerous, cruel and clever criminal XXVI century, ignore the fact that the laws of physics simply can not be?

explores reasonable Aboriginal Ilmatar on the planet under the multi-kilometer thick layer of ice and water, a team from Earth scientists. Expedition has a hard time, because all direct contact with the more developed ilmatarianami prohibited Sholen race, the first aliens encountered by humans, having mastered interstellar travel. Technologically sholeny far ahead of people and consider them to be too aggressive creatures, capable of its progressorstva bring innocent civilization to death.

When ilmatariane mistakenly killed a famous journalist from Earth, the tension between people and Sholen sharply and emerged diplomatic conflict threatens to turn into a full-scale war. Opponents do not yet know that the blind and handicapped ilmatariane equally alien and earth, and Sholen, is not so simple as they seem, and in the coming conflict, they will play a special role, because the first contact any mistake can be fatal.

In 2045 the immortality became a reality. Now, people can be digitized, and then they find a potentially infinite life in the form of virtual copies. Someone after death runs his own company, who wants to give eternal life to his dying mother, and someone is hiding in the new reality of the sins of the past. There is only one thing, your life depends on the stability of the global computer network. And you can just delete. And so when to the powers that have already gone into virtuality, comes a strange man named Paul Durham and talks about permutations City, a refuge where copies will be independent of the real world, many cling to the opportunity to gain real immortality.

Just who is he, Paul Durham? Plain crazy, clever or ingenious swindler seer? His clients do not yet know that the City of permutations affects the bulk properties of the universe and reveals a truly unimaginable prospects for the development of all mankind. That’s just the promised paradise can turn into a nightmare, and at the ideal refuge may already have other owners.

Welcome to a new dimension postapokalipsisa. It Scorched galaxy – the Milky Way, which many years ago was destroyed by a series of horrible wars. This is the space in which people survive in the remains of extinct systems, artificial intelligence, causes fear, and representatives of other reason, banished to distant limits of space, became heroes frightening legends. It depths of the universe – mysterious, crazy dimension, which allows you to travel great distances, but a waking man’s crazy, if not can turn into a monster. It is the world Mirtona Grunwald, who has lost his ship and crew. And now do everything to go back to the stars. Only it will not be easy. His new ship’s dark past. His new team hides many secrets. And he does not know that the new work will push it to a nightmare.

The Moon can kill. Moon may bring fortune. On the Moon runs the five Dragons, the five corporations whose power is absolute. So it was before. But now everything has changed. Fifth Dragon fell, his wealth is divided among the winners. Collapsed years arrayed order, tear the old context, and in the new re-alnosti even the most experienced politicians and intriguers begin pre-start error. But the Moon does not forgive mistakes. And it does not forgive sa-modovolstva. After all, the one who has nothing to lose, those who survived the fall of the Corta Elihu will not stop at nothing to get revenge and regain the power of the Fifth Dragon. And for this take suicidal and impossible journey – return to Earth, where those who were born on the moon, you can not live. Dragons do not yet know that their political intrigues, fragile alliances and long-term plans soon will fade in the face of this war.

XXV century. Mankind has spread across the galaxy, and technology has changed the concept of life itself. Now, people can record their own consciousness and easily upload it to the new body. Death was the only obstacle on the screen. Takeshi Kovacs, a former member of the corps special envoys already killed before, but the last death was particularly unpleasant. Once over 180 light-years from home, Kovacs wakes up in a new body on earth, where the billionaire Lawrence Bancroft instructs him to investigate the murder of his last body. Sleuth necessarily he does not yet know that he was in the very center of this conspiracy, cruel and ruthless, even by the standards of a society in which human existence has long been possible to buy and sell

Carl Marsalis -. Thirteenth, the fruit of genetic experiments, a person, created for battles in the last conflict of the XXI century. But after the second civil war in the United States, after the split North America into three states, after the food riots and uprisings in the world was at peace, and the thirteenth was seen as dangerous mutants. Someone was executed, a few began to work for the government, but the majority was sent to Mars. When the Pacific falls spacecraft, and inside find mutilated and half-eaten corpses, police came to the conclusion that one of the thirteen colonies escaped from Mars, and now in the world turned out to be a dangerous psychopath, cannibal and serial killer. His motives are unclear, actions are inexplicable and unbelievable cruelty. Unable to find or even understand such a terrible enemy police sought assistance hunter thirteenth – Carl Marsalis. He does not know that this business is not all that easy, and the investigation will soon turn into a nightmare. It will Karla around brave new world, and came face the question of where is the lie the origins of human cruelty and whether you can escape from your own genes.

Ringo Eskiat running from his past and family that disowned him from slavers who yearn for his death, and, apparently, from the dark gods themselves, who show interest in him, but the meaning of their actions is not greater than ever. Outlawed and exiled from the north country, Ringo knows that he can only head in one place – Iheltet, the heart of the southern empire, where, perhaps, it lodges arcet once ally fighting ring, and now – a high-ranking counselor of the emperor. But it has its own problems, as her guest, bodyguard Egara Dragon Grinder. And instead of to obtain the desired respite, Ringo is in the heart of new plots and dubious alliances. Old enemies intrigues, the former order is rotten and falling apart, and although no one else knows about it, Iheltet city is about to explode, because out of the sky has collapsed envoy former owners of the land and brought the news that the whole world live soon come to an end

Your life -. it is someone else’s asset. Your children – it is someone’s interest. Your love – it is someone advertising. Your country – is someone’s startup. Welcome to the world of the future, where the killers become idols of millions, where the rise in the road win in fierce duels on the road ruined cities, the gap between rich and poor has reached catastrophic proportions, and your dreams turn into a nightmare. Schorn & Partners – a progressive company of the future, it invests in conflicts. It’s very simple, it is necessary to find or organize a proper little war, and then to take sides, for a percentage, of course. interests of the company to protect the operatives who hold a special code of honor. And Chris Faulkner is ready to join their ranks. To his credit already a couple of murders that brought him fame, he will do anything to get out of hell, in which London has become the future, and now gets a dream job. But how to survive in the new corporate world, where the conscience – a vice, freedom – is slavery, and the business – this is war

Ringo Eskiat, once a war hero and distinguished veteran and now an outcast and a beggar? at the request of the family goes to look for his cousin who sold into slavery. But it chasing the kidnappers, he runs into a mystery that will be far worse than anything that Ringo had expected. Arcet – the last of his race – I think that after the war, and it will engage in the engineering profession, as long as the most powerful man in the Empire did not send her to investigate the attack on the border port. It seems to be a common thing, that’s just the local claim that the attack on them thugs, and demons. Egar Dragon Bane, nomad, once served the Empire, is now embroiled in the city turmoil, petty squabbling between common sense and religious fervor. But soon quarrels about shamans have to forget, because his tribe is threatened by something strange and very dangerous.

Ringilu and his two companions again have to defend the Empire, which is to them all, but did not give anything. Protect from the ancient power that can drown the world in blood. That’s only with such heroes medicine may well be worse than any disease.

After the Altered Carbon Takeshi Kovacs, former Envoy Extraordinary and former private detective, is far from Earth, the planet Sanction IV, in which participates in operation to suppress the revolutionary mutiny, which soon becomes a full-scale slaughter. But in this war-mutilated world hidden treasure that can turn the human history, the portal to the existing ship of an alien civilization. Almost all of the archaeologists who discovered it, killing someone obviously wants to hide the discovery of the people and for the sake of this will make any sacrifice. Together with a group of Kovacs mercenaries sent to artifact search, not knowing what kind of secrets extinct race of aliens would have to pay the highest price, and when confronted with technology whose capabilities are incredible, and the mysteries of monstrous, will not help the skills of even the most experienced soldiers.

The War of hyperspace Stargate, discovered by archaeologists and earth on a distant planet, begins. In this war shlestyvayutsya once some mercenary troops in the service in different planets and different corporations … But the most dangerous of them – the army, commanded by Captain cynical Takeshi Kovacs. After his men – Zombies of the distant future, the fallen soldiers, resurrected by using unique technologies. Takeshi Kovacs always wins. But – what if he wins this time? What awaits him on the other side of the Gate.

Over Iheltetskoy Empire, barely recovered after another war looming new deadly threat. The capital became dopolzaet rumors that on the outskirts of imperial possessions showed up dvenda, mysterious creatures who owned the world thousands of years ago and displaced Black people. And the Dark Lord, their master, will not stop at nothing to regain the old ownership and subordinate bodies and souls of people.

ring, a brave warrior and hero of the last war, one of the first to respond to the call to protect relatives limits. To his squad joined Egar, the leader of a nomadic tribe and an old friend of the ring, and Arquette, the latter on the ground representative of the Black nation

Now it is all steel -. Steel blades, for which in any battle is the last word

Do you believe – do not believe. Child Game. Simple and straightforward even for a seven-year child. Nothing complicated.

to put a hand to the window, amusing anachronism, and look through the magnifying glass half-meter with filters at the solar system. Here – just one more sparkle in the vast black ocean. And do not think that it is hidden in the whole world. But there is an air of whipped featherbeds clouds, salty sea and delicious cakes on the veranda of a home. Everything is there, what we are dreaming. Favorite, parents, friends – they are all there, in
that tiny fireflies. Do I believe that I am able to provide them with peace and security? I believe that soon I get home, all tight hug and never go to the edge of the universe? Yes. All that we have – faith in happiness and love

In my life, I did not get into a stupid situation.. You go with her boyfriend to drink a cup of coffee in a small pub, step on a path strewn with autumn leaves, thinking about the evening show, and of poplar grove suddenly pops up completely unknown subject and hysterically wails,

That’s when the doubts and transgressed . Once again, I looked at the stranger. Short coat, slightly protruding lower jaw, eyes and swarthy face with many unusual candor. Я бы назвала парня симпатичным, если бы он не был в стельку пьян. Да, он был пьян. Это без труда читалось по косвенным признакам – щеки пунцовые, слова вязкие. Из прямых признаков была ополовиненная бутылка водки, которую он держал в одной руке. А в другой – вы не поверите! – держал за шкирку котенка. Полосатого и пушистого, с расставленными лапами и огромными зелеными глазами, которые очевидно раскрылись еще больше оттого, что хозяин стянул кожу на загривке. Эти глаза испуганно озирали окраину пятого микрорайона, они до ужаса напоминали глаза моего Аниськина, к руке которого я прижималась. Вечно какой-то шуганный и затравленный взгляд, да и характером он настоящий ребенок – тридцать лет тепличного созревания и выкармливания мамой.

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