Aqua Mail

Aqua Mail 1.29.0-1784

  • Support for multiple accounts.
  • Selecting the IMAP folders to sync.
  • Download messages bundles of necessity, view messages with paging when scrolling
  • Support for Google mail -. such a scheme work with e-mail, when you never delete messages from the server
  • mail scan time is not. depends on the number of messages on the server (in my Google Mail more than 45 thousand messages).
  • Support for text and HTML messages, including embedded images in the past.
  • Fast loading attachments, with the possibility of cancellation and caching of previous downloads.
  • Check messages in the background.
  • Sound and LED notifications for new mail.
  • Set up silent mode (say, from 11 pm . to 8 am)
  • Automatically download message body (up to a given size) when checking mail – as soon as it is a new message, you can just read it. Large messages are downloaded as needed (when viewing).
  • Support for SSL-encrypted connections.
  • Widget for your desktop, each can be customized to your account / folder, displaying the number of unread messages .
  • Separate settings for WiFi and cellular network mode.

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