Windows NT 4

Windows NT 4.0

Windows NT 4.0 – the latest version of the family of Microsoft Windows NT network operating system, released under that name. The following network operating system from Microsoft came out under the name of Windows 2000.

Windows NT 4.0 was modified for use as a workstation operating system (Windows NT Workstation) and server (Windows NT Server) and was designed to work on computers architectures Alpha, MIPS, x86, PowerPC, and PC98 (only Japanese version).


System requirements

Windows NT Server to work with 16 MB of memory, but Microsoft strongly recommends that the presence of 32 MB or more. Also, we recommend a computer with the following characteristics,

  • Processor 486DX2 / 50 or better
  • For remote debugging and problem solving – an external modem v.34-28, 8 kbit / s
  • Disk partition on 1 GB in the FAT file system (to install Windows NT, the paging file placement, installation of MS-DOS or Windows 95, and so on. n.)
  • Version

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