Driver PCI COM / LPT (January 2 port) WCH353 bulk

Driver PCI COM / LPT (2 + 1 port) WCH353 bulk

Today’s post, though not quite in line with our kind of activity (creation and promotion), but could not get past the problems faced by . today

Acquired PCI controller with 2 the COM-ports and 1 st the LPT-port (on the board had the markings, pci 2s1p asia) for personal needs, but the driver disc in included Parts not included. As it turned out in practice to find a driver for Window XP an extremely difficult task. I shoveled a bunch of sites in Yandex and Google, but so useful found nothing.

But, he who seeks vsgda finds, and to reduce your time to search for spread work, I have personally tested drivers . I hope to help,

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