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True Contacts 3 +

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  • Allows an application to make phone calls, bypassing the standard dialer.
  • permits reading user data from your contact book.
  • Allows only entry in the contact book.
  • permit application to modify the list of accounts in the AccountManager.
  • Access to the list of accounts in the accounts Services.
  • The application determines the exact location of the device on the network location and Wi-fi spots.
  • The application determines the approximate location (city) of the device on the network location and Wi-fi spots.
  • Allows the user profile read (used for the relevant display advertising).
  • Allows only entry in the user profile.
  • Allows an application to change the IP address and port number for connection to the internet.
  • Allows switching on and off the device, as well as other transactions via NFC.
  • Allows reading information about us triples and components of the device.
  • Allows the application to function even after turning off the screen.
  • Allows an application to modify system settings.
  • Enables request an authorization token.
  • < li> Allows access to the vibrator device.

  • Allows read sync settings.
  • Allows an application to read from external memory.
  • Permission to create a shortcut on the desktop. < . / li>
  • access Permission calendar
  • Enables voice mail reading

True contacts -. address book for easy work with contacts in memory and sim-cards.

the application allows you to store all the information in one place, which is very convenient for those users who have a lot of contacts. The main screen consists of three tabs – group, and all your favorites. on the top bar also contains buttons for searching, editing, and so on. d. In the settings change the sort order and display names. Default is synchronized with the Google-account and from there imported data – contacts, phone numbers, addresses. Initially, there is 3 group – colleagues, family and friends, but you can create new or delete existing ones. If desired, some of the contacts can be added to favorites. Import is possible not only with a few Google-accounts, but also with the storage or SIM-cards. This feature is perfect for users who want to collect all of their contacts into one address book.

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