Facebook (Facebook) Free download on your phone, tablet

Facebook (Facebook) free download on your phone, tablet

In this article we will talk about how to download the free Facebook in English – turn instructions for different devices. Our review is as detailed as possible and will help even beginners – learn and learn how to get access to social networking on your phone or tablet

Social networking has gained enormous popularity -. About 2.3 billion registered users in 2018. Correspond with friends, share photos and study the articles can be not only in the browser – anyone can install Facebook on mobile phone


  1. Open the Google Play Market app store.
  2. Enter the program name in the search line,
  3. Select the appropriate result in the issuance and click on the icon «Set»,
  4. Enter the code, if needed,
  5. Wait for the installation – this will alert you to store,
  6. Open the program by clicking on the icon in the smartphone’s menu
  7. Done.! Were you able to download the free Facebook in English. Please note that social network requires no additional charges – the app is available in free mode. . If you see another version – before you crooks


    Let’s move on to how to download and install Facebook, if you are using a smartphone from the company Apple,

    1. Log in App Store, pre-installed on your smartphone,
    2. Click on the icon of a magnifying glass,
    3. Enter the name of the program in English or in English,
    4. A new window will display the search results,
    5. Click on the desired icon and click the Download»,
    6. Enter the touch Haydee or screening system code,
    7. wait until the installation is complete,
    8. Open the app through the store, or return to the main screen and click on the icon.
    9. That’s it! You coped and managed to download the program in English. The next part of this review focuses on how to download Facebook to your tablet for free


      No matter what brand of device you are using and what operating system it is running -. Given us instruction approach all tablet,

      1. Open online store with applications,
      2. Select the search icon,
      3. In the search line, type the name of the program to any accessible language,
      4. Click on the «Facebook Download»,
      5. If necessary, enter the user’s password,
      6. Wait for the end installation,
      7. Open social network through the market or by clicking on the icon on the main screen
      8. After downloading please log in -., enter the username and password used in the browser. We are told how to download Facebook for free on your phone and tablet – move on to the installation through Treshboks

        Portal «Treshboks»

        Let’s say a few words about the site -. Is a portal where you can find free games and applications for smartphones and tablets, explore the forum, read user tips and the latest news from the world of technology. Download files can be completely free of charge at high speed – they are uploaded to file sharing and checked for viruses

        Why do I need to install a file Treshboksa.? The portal offers a different version of a social network – both new and old editions. Each user can choose the update to your taste.

        1. Open site-trashbox.ru
        2. Type the name into the search box,
        3. Or, open section Programs, then – Android, hereinafter – the Social networks and look for the application in the section,
        4. Select the required version,
        5. Click Download Treshbokse»,
        6. a new window will display information about the verification of digital signatures. If the result is satisfactory – click the icon Download / Skachat»,
        7. On the unit will be transferred to the file
          1. Click any file. manager, select APK,
          2. Select the application and start the installation process.

            1. Connect your mobile to your computer via a wire or technology Bluetooth,
            2. Drag the file,
            3. Open the file manager,
            4. Select the application and start the installation,
            5. After graduating – Open

              Interesting facts

              • The button like was first invented it was Mark Zuckerberg – then, this idea has spread throughout other networks,
              • The developers have provided support for 70 languages, among them there are the usual options, and there are – a pirate or an inverted

              Now that you know how to download and install social network. mobile device – load a convenient tool for communication and start correspondence


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