Photo Tools – Best Tools for working with photos

Photo Tools – Best Tools for working with photos

Photo Tools very easy to use and functional application . Photo Tools takes on the unit several times less memory than other applications for editing photos . And so maybe she

  • Circumcision photos
  • < li> Resize

  • Rotate
  • Reflection
  • Adjust the brightness
  • contrast Increase
  • Black and white,
  • Sepia,
  • Negative color,
  • Silver print (in my opinion, simply awesome filter! )
  • Rainbow

in addition to the program is available preview pictures with the increase, as well as its retention or set as wallpaper.

photo tools – a veritable Swiss army knife among the programs for photo editing Each of the tools of the graphic editor under android is simple and easy to use.. Just a few clicks, you can brighten dark photos, but especially it just gets done AutoMContrast Tool function. Just a couple of clicks you can completely change the picture, turning it into a black and white, sepia or adding silver tones, and then set it as the wallpaper on your desktop. In popular tools Photo conveniently resize, flip, crop and rotate photos. Additional features of this program under the android will be added soon, so take advantage of our special offer.

Photo Tools works with images in JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF . On the front screen of the app has 4 main buttons, brightness, contrast, color filters (opens a toolbar with six filters), and tools (open toolbar)

There are two ways to load images,. ‘Load from Gallery’ or Download in the menu. When you click on Load from Gallery ‘opens picture viewer, select the desired image and click Open in PhotoTools at the top After you install this menu item becomes always available from the gallery, so you can quickly download the desired image. .

crop image function cROP works perfectly on the touch screen, especially if the device supports multi-touch, two fingers, you can quickly select the desired area. The same applies to changing the image size. The size is displayed in the top of the screen. After selecting the desired size will only confirm it to save.

Conveniently implemented and function change of brightness with this image editor for Android. You can select the optimal brightness setting, using only conventional scroll keys or moving the joystick up / down.

When you change the contrast is better to use the automatic setup. For best results, use for images with high detail, for example, pictures with the nature.

you can select a filter from the menu. Filters are added to photos with different color modifications. You can view the modified image in full size, and then accept or cancel the filter effect.

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