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uTorrent – program for downloading files at high speed with a torrent tracker which does not clog the Internet channel, and does not limit the work of the network. Before you download the torrent for free in English, learn about the differences between versions of Mu Torrent whether to pay extra for disabling ads, built-in antivirus and video converter uTorrent Pro. For a client download for Windows, mac OS and Android, press the green button or proskrolte down and select the desired table operating system

When useful uTorrent

By torrent conveniently download large files,. Copies blu-ray movies (BDRemux), TV shows, games and music in CD-quality. Torrents actively use, despite the ubiquitous high-speed Internet access, the availability of online services for theaters and streaming music. Watch movies through the online services associated with the brakes, the connection is torn, and the desired site is simply unavailable due to blocking.

Thanks to BitTorrent technology problem with inaccessibility solved, as the required file is the multitude of network users and loading is faster than by reference to the same resource. With a large number of running torrent clients and public image is, with the extension .torrent download audio or video is done in part by each user downloaded earlier. Since Mu Torrent used by hundreds of millions of people, these conditions are always satisfied. All that is required – is to find through searching the desired torrent on the name of the film, download to your computer and start downloading

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Pros and opportunities uTorrent


  • Simultaneous downloading up to 4,000 torrent files.
  • In contrast to the BitTorrent program interface is translated into English.
  • Built-in media player audio and video files.
  • Detailed instructions with tips on using the program in the section Help. It is recommended for novice users.
  • Convert files for viewing on mobile devices and the subsequent transfer of audio and video on a tablet or smartphone.
    • With the function of instant playback without waiting for full download, watch movies in 10 – 20 seconds as 1080p. And all this without advertising available online channel and a minimum connection speed.

    What is uTorrent select

    After downloading the free BitTorrent client program will offer to disable ads or upgrade to a more functional uTorrent Pro. Let us see in what cases it can be useful, and tell you about another free app uTorrent Web

    Add -. Free Supplement to opt for 300 rubles per year. Nominal charge helps the developer to develop the program. If laziness to understand the settings, update the torrent to Add-Free for $ 4.95, and advertising will not be. Banner ads are not too intrusive, but may load slow computers

    uTorrent Pro a major update to the main feature,.. Convert audio / video to the format you want to mobile devices with the subsequent transfer of the file. Feature is designed for users who often transfer media files from your PC to your smartphone and tablet. By the converter and disable advertising added antivirus scan files to complete downloading.

    uTorrent Web . Torrent client with instant video playback immediately after the addition of the torrent. Friendly interface with a choice of boot space and a built-in player is ideal for downloading and watching movies. Online version – the best choice for a novice user who uses the basic functionality of the application and does not want to deal with the settings. The customer display of advertisements that can be easily disabled using the free blocker. The program runs in the browser and contains the band popular news videos are available without downloading.


    is not necessary to pay extra. Converter and easily replace antivirus free counterparts, but if you do not mind $ 19.95, you can upgrade to the Pro Torrent Mu. Converter is really easy to use, and the player instantly play files of any format and support HD quality. On the other hand, if you download a free torrent or web-Version, the user does not lose anything. Disable advertisement blocker will help, but to play the video before the download is complete, you can through the built-in media player uTorrent Web.

    Let’s summarize. If you do not want to spend extra money, use the two programs in the bundle, a torrent for PC (Remote distribution of control, setting the maximum upload speed and reception) and uTorrent Web (movie preview immediately after loading start)


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